Kit Contents & Pricing

Kit Contents

The full kit comprises the following sub-kits:

– Engine Mount kit
– Exhaust Manifold kit
– Gear Linkage kit
– Driveshaft kit
– Sump Baffle kit
– Coolant and Fuel kit
– Completion kit
– All fixings & fasteners
– Full colour 50+ page build manual
– Wiring/electrical guidance notes

Sub-kit information and pricing:

Sub-Kit Description Price £GBP 
Engine Mounts

(optional red powdercoat finish shown, black powdercoat as standard)


Our mounts were CAD designed by professional engineers and have undergone continual refinement based on feedback from our professional installers and DIY convertors.  These optimised parts are designed as ideal mounts without excess weight, each is constructed from mild steel, plated or powder coated black for corrosion resistance (optional colours available). The kit consists of a new nearside engine mount, offside engine mount, front and rear engine torque steady arms (pre-fitted with rubber bushes), front and rear steady arm chassis brackets and all necessary fasteners. £680

Pic: Stark manifold with standard decat link pipe for S1

Our exhaust kit includes a custom designed, free-flowing 4-2-1 exhaust manifold made in stainless steel and matching link pipe to meet up with the factory  back box (or any aftermarket back box which bolt up to the the original system) plus new gaskets and fasteners.  A sports cat link pipe is available as an optional upgrade. Our exhaust has been extensively dyno-tested and proven to make good power (we have seen 236bhp without a cat, 225bhp with a cat, when coupled with a good intake and a professional remap). £1040 (standard decat option, sports cat optional)
 Gear Linkage

Our CAD designed gear linkage kit gives an incredibly positive and direct gear change using self lubricating bushes.  The gear linkage is also adjustable to suit personal preferences. The original gear change cables are replaced with high quality items, custom made specifically for our application. These follow the optimum route to the new linkage providing a smooth feel to gear changes. The kit consists of a pair of heavy duty cables, gear linkage plate assembly with rocker arms & bushes, spacers, swivel joints and all necessary fasteners. £560

Two complete driveshafts which feature incredibly strong 300M steel axle bars, custom boots, grease and all-new inner and outer CV joints.  The S1 version includes a machined toothed ring for the dash speed sensor. £840 (S2), £880 (S1)
Sump Baffle
The sump baffles are custom designed for the K20 engine (with aluminium sump) and are a bolt-in fitment for security.  Sump baffles are an essential part of the conversion to prevent engine oil starvation under hard cornering and track use. £210
Coolant & Fuel

A full, high quality, silicone coolant hose kit (black as standard, other colours available), including a custom silicone reducing hose assembly, jubilee clips, water/oil cooler hose, hose elbows and metal hose joiners.  Fuel parts includes a length of high-pressure R9 fuel injection hose,  fuel hose fittings, brass T piece, Sytec motorsport fuel filter and a Webcon fuel pressure regulator. £320

The Completion sub-kit includes a number of custom-made items plus all the “odds and ends” required to complete your conversion: large sheet of heat shield material, edging tape, rivets and washers, custom machined inlet manifold blanking plug and temperature sensor adaptor, non-aircon ancillary drive belt, custom clutch hose adaptor assembly,  head outlet water fitting with sealing washer, cam cover breather filter, heavy-duty electrical junction box, strip of reinforced cable edging, roll of cloth loom tape, inline fuse holder and fuse, set of undertray spacers and a length of induction hose and clip. £270
Build Manual  & Wiring Notes

A 50+ page colour pdf manual providing concise step by step instructions on every aspect of the conversion. This covers useful tips in advance of your installation, advice on sourcing donor packages, through to recommended insurers, maintenance and servicing of your replacement engine.  Plus, a set of detailed instructions and ECU pin-out tables covering the electrical/wiring side of the conversion.  These include instructions on splicing the Honda engine and starter looms to the Lotus looms, wiring of the Lambda sensor, how to retain the Lotus MFRU and all the connections necessary to get your Honda engine running and Stack dash working. £40

1) Full Kit Pricing

The full kit is made up of seven sub-kits plus the build manual and electrical guidance notes.  It costs £3600 (S1) or £3564 (S2) + delivery, this includes the 10% discount for a full kit.

Pricing effective 1st March 2024.

2) Sub-Kit Pricing

Prices for the sub-kits are shown above; you are welcome to buy as many or as few of them as you wish to suit your project and budget.  We also sell all parts as individual items, contact us for a quote.

3) Discounts for multi-buys

We offer a 3% discount for three or more sub-kits when purchased together, 6% discount for five or more sub-kits when purchased together, and a 10% discount when all seven sub-kits are purchased together.

4) Delivery & Shipping Costs

We’ve shipped kits around the world: Australia, Japan, Guyana, Poland, Italy, UK, France, South Korea, USA, Italy, Germany etc etc as well as the UK.  Please contact us with your full address details for an accurate delivery quote.

5) Sales Tax

Sales are not subject to VAT from February ’24.  Customers outside the UK are responsible for local duties and taxes upon importation.

How to Order – see here to obtain a personalised quotation.

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